The Abyss Table is a stunning coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean with stacked layers of wood and glass. Made by London-based furniture design company Duffy London, the limited-edition piece comes with the hefty price tag of £5,800 (nearly $10,000).

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Realizing that someone else’s everything could be my 50%.

Realizing the search Isn’t for someone who gives their everything, but for someone whose everything is equal in intensity to mine.

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I just feel down because you said we aren’t fully connected because I am latched onto friends and I cannot be independent. After my dad died I have felt really empty so I have tried to fill the void with my friends, feeling attached and I need to become more independent but I don’t know how to. I need help so bad. I just feel so depressed. I want to feel fully connected. You said the only thing we have in common is being silly together. Being happy when we don’t fight but we are so different when we fight. I need comfort while you need distance. This is why we aren’t fully connected. You said you feel like you only have part of me… It breaks my heart that you can’t see me with you if we run away because I am to connected to this world I’m in. I don’t know what to do..