8 Ways To Take Control Back Over Your Mind

Written by Amateo Ra| If you are reading this, you are ready to take control of your mind. Since the beginning of our lives, our minds have been programmed by our surroundings and by the World at large. As we grow, evolve and awaken, we learn we have to take back control of our minds.

What are we taking control back from? Well, in part, the immense amount of cultural, societal educational and institutional programming that has greatly influenced who we are, how we view ourselves and our actions.

You don’t need to be a person who needs to feel imprisoned to sit still and be confined to a desk or a cubicle in order to conform. Your relationships don’t need to model modern day sitcoms. Your daily energy doesn’t need to be directed to mindless drama which is governed to distract us from deeper meaning and connection. We must clear this corruption within ourselves in order to change the World around us.

Distractions are everywhere, pulling at us and programming our minds toward needless points of focus meant to disempower us. To drive us into compulsive consumerism and selfishness, rather than community, connection and the drive for Global change in the small actions we take each day.

I want you to take back control of your mind, because I believe it’s imperative to your own personal health and well-being, as well as what’s required to step out in service to the World. I am here to serve, and I know you are too.

1) Be Hyper Selective about the Media you Consume

Marketers all across the Globe are tracking your patterns, buying your information and studying your habits in order to funnel you into purchasing products from the companies that hire them.

If you are inclined to cave, and make impulse unhealthy purchases, such as fast food, they are aware of that, even to the exact percentage of likelihood for you to make that impulse buy. They push ads upon us until our willpower gets weak, and they finally get us to cave.

This is one form of mind control being practiced publically every day. It’s manipulative and it was created to be. You have to take back control from these super rich mega-corporations by making strong willed healthy decisions that support your local community.

Media is always having us invest in fabricated stories in the form of movies and tv, to invest energy to made-up characters, rather than give sincere and powerful attention to our own lives.

Be hyper selective about the media you consume, because it could be consuming you. This isn’t shared to make you feel fearful. Rather, for you to embrace how incredibly powerful and valuable your energy, attention and decisions are.

2) Create Healthy Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals are the ultimate mind control hack that exist. Here’s an insight which changed my life.

How you choose to program your day, from morning to night, is up to you. Realize that companies everywhere have massive incentive to infiltrate your daily rituals with their own products and ads. There are countless of supportive and beneficial businesses who want to help you improve your lifestyle, just be selective about who you let in.

Your time, space and actions are sacred, and your daily rituals are your opportunity to value yourself and life. Make positive choices and know, consistency is everything when it comes to taking back control of your mind.

Tip: Create & outline a perfect day from what you do when you get out of bed, how you spend your day and how you end it. Work each day to model your whole life after your perfect day.

3 ) Exercise & Get In Your Body

Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that exercise literally makes you smarter?

All forms of exercise improve cognition, help re-build neuro-connectivity in the brain and prevent degeneration of the mind. If you want to practice a form of protest, there is no better one than getting in your body and getting it healthy and fit.

Our bodies are extensions of our minds & hearts. We must “live in our limbs” as we say. Stagnant energy of the mind builds in the body, and many people begin to slow down. Enter more television, internet surfing, impulsive food habits and mindless entrainment. Don’t go down that path, and if you are on it, stop! It can be extremely challenging, but don’t give up. You got this!

Here’s one of my favorite videos about movement:

4 ) Learn How to Focus without getting Distracted

Harnessing our ability to focus on one thing is essential to mind control. Our minds love to wander, and in that wandering often times we end up in in places, and internet and social media black holes we never intended.

It’s imperative we learn to harness that energy and apply it to a specific focus. This can be one challenging practice, as cultural and technological programming, including multi-tab web surfing, means we get massive neuro-stimulation, including the release of brain rewarding chemicals, when we multi-task and are scattered.

Take back your power and learn to master the mind. Tony Robbins even said:
5 ) Be Selective About What You Invest in Energetically

I see people everyday blindly investing so much energy into things they don’t prefer. I’m equally as guilty, as it’s just too easy to get hooked on the latest trends, media scandal or even a frustrating person in your life.

Invest your energy very carefully and make sure each day the majority of your attention and energy is geared toward what you want for yourself, your life, your relationships and your surroundings. If you find yourself deeply entangled in having invested yourself energetically in something you don’t prefer, ask yourself what is it trying to teach you and then get clear on the next steps you need to withdraw your investment with care and consideration.

Don’t be hasty! As hastiness to change certain energetic investments often means we subconsciously get tangled in another investment we don’t prefer.

6 ) The Power of Perspective

Our perspective of the World literally changes the reality we live in. This has been proven by quantum physics and even studies on how we project our emotions and thoughts and how it influences the structure of water.

Circumstances don’t have prescribed responses. You don’t need to base your reaction toward something that happens to you based on how others have responded previously. Taking back control of your mind means the full realization that our responses are our responsibility. We must break the impulsive conditioning that drives us to disempowered perspectives.

With the right perspective, a World of your dreams becomes possible, actual and real.

7 ) Master a Craft

Start learning, pursuing and practicing something that really inspires you. Sociological Studies by Malcolm Gladwell state that we have to do something for an average of 10,000 hours before we master it.

That’s a lot of hours practicing control of our minds and focus. There is nothing better to liberate our minds than to apply and direct them toward something. Our minds like taking commands from our desires, but without that focus, we are highly susceptible to impulsive influence.

Start creating!

8 ) Develop an Endless Connection to Spirit

Spirit is our greatest ally toward self-liberation. I like to say the best remedy for living in the matrix, is being connected to the unified field of the Universe.

Our connection to Spirit, Nature & Universal intelligence is designed to awaken us and support our evolution. We must decide the future we would like to create by virtue of our thoughts and actions, and Spirit wants to inform us and steer us towards the highest outcome.

Our free will however is what makes taking back control of our minds so essential, as we are given the opportunity to fall into lives other people created for us if we don’t create them for ourselves.

Spirit is always here for you to be guided, reassured and nurtured by love.

It’s undeniable that our thoughts have power. We must harness that power, while using the energy of our emotions, to take back control of our minds. In this way we give ourselves the opportunity to bring greater meaning, love and consideration towards ourselves and to the World.

By reprogramming our consciousness to a greater vision of ourselves and our lives, we can then use our minds to develop, build and create that vision. Together we can literally build a world that works for everyone.

As Bob Marley said….

What has loyalty come to nowadays?

I cannot believe how do many people in current times will be disloyal to their significant others. I hear way too many stories about how people have cheated. It pains me to even think about these statistics. If you aren’t happy in your relationship, talk to them about it, there is no need to go wrecking a good thing by cheating. I’ve heard of some friends who are so happy with their relationships, but aren’t happy with their sex lives. Why fuck up your relationship? You are wrong, dishonest, against what God has said in his ten commandments. I think if you don’t have a proper faith than you might be misguided in your own ways being dishonest and unfaithful. Is a Christian less likely to cheat than a non-believer? I think that is mostly accurate unless they have strayed from the path.

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Anastasia (1997) + Scenery

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Every woman needs a man to realize this and every man needs a woman like this. So amazing. 

Every woman needs a man to realize this and every man needs a woman like this. So amazing.

Temptation: Spoiler Alert

I am watching a movie called Temptation by Tyler Perry. It is about this woman who has been in love with her husband since she was six years old. But then in the big city at her new job as a matchmaker, she had to help out her new client, a really rich social networking guy named Harley. He wanted to make a new program that could match people to their “soul mates.”

Anyway, he comes to like her a lot, but she has her husband. He isn’t very exciting in bed because he was raised in a christian household. They have never had sex anywhere but the bed so she tries it one night with him but he was freaked out. She isn’t satisfied in bed, Harley put thoughts into her head about having better sex. So anyway Harley invites her to come along to New Orleans for a meeting to present the program.

On the plane ride home he pursues her, she resists at first but then she gives in a has sex with him. CHEATING on her husband right then and there. I won’t spoil the rest of the movie but I feel very bad for her husband. It is interesting the struggles she has in this movie.

I have been put in a position similar to that, not as far as to almost having sex though. The main reason is loyalty. I have followed God’s rules, in the ten commandments there are two main ones I want to point out: the first one is commandment number seven: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” and number ten:”Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s. 

Not just following God’s rules, but also following my own morality, I wouldn’t ever cheat on my man because I know how it feels. I’ve been cheated on and it is a very sickening act. It tears apart families and friends and all kinds of relationships. It can even shred apart someone’s sanity. I don’t look at other men thinking I want to have sex with them, I don’t believe that in my mind is right. Here is my way of thinking: If you aren’t happy with something in the relationship, communicate or either that just leave them. They would be better off than you cheating on them. And once a cheater always a cheater. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. 

Sometimes I think I overreact too much and get jealous too easily. What happened to not sweating the small stuff. What are some good books on handling jealousy?? I want to treat Paul with more freedom. I love him so much and he deserves that. He isn’t doing anything wrong. But I still find things that bother me. I need to hide those feelings. Seriously or I’m gonna lose my relationship….

If you look for bad things, I promise you, YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND THEM. Instead, I try to actively search for things in my life to appreciate. For things to feel good about, no matter how small. And if you cannot find them in your own life, there are so many ways to create them for someone else, and that generosity will create good in your life. And if you’re always looking for those good things, I promise you, you will always find them, too.


They warned me and I listened but  THEN I DIDN’T HAHAHAHAHAhaha

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